Thanks to its strategic position between Milan and Venice along the A4 motorway, served by regional and high-speed trains and four airports, Brescia is the ideal starting point for an unforgettable holiday.

Located near the main transportation hubs of northern Italy, this people-friendly region welcomes you with its immense naturalistic, cultural, and culinary richness.

Find out how to reach Brescia.

By plane

Brescia is easily reached by plane by arriving at one of these airports.

Milan Malpensa is the intercontinental airport of Milan. With its wide range of destinations throughout the world, it is the main hub of northern Italy.

Milan Malpensa is located about  140 km from Brescia and operates with two passenger terminals (Malpensa Terminal 1 and Malpensa Terminal 2) and in Terminal there are 2 separate Arrival Gates A and B (A if you are arriving from any SCHENGEN Nation – B all others)

From / To Milan Malpensa Airport

Take the Malpensa Shuttle from Malpensa airport to Milan Centrale train station   (, tel +39 02 58583185, € 8.00 one way, 24-hour service, duration 50 min).

Once in Stazione Centrale, choose one of the regional or high-speed trains which stop in Brescia (, from € 7.30, duration between 35 and 65 min).

Milan’s beloved city airport. Close to Milan (10 min) and next to motorway. No Intercontinental flight arrives here.

Milan Linate international airport is located about 85 km from Brescia.

It connects Milan to several Italian and European cities.

From / To Milan Linate

As you exit Linate airport, take the Starfly bus offered by Autostradale to  Milan Centrale train station (, tel. +39 02 30089000, € 5 one way, first ride at about 7:45am, last ride 10:45pm, duration 25 min, tickets can be purchased on board or online at

Once in Stazione Centrale, choose one of the regional or high-speed trains which stop in Brescia (, from € 7.30, duration between 35 and 65 min).

The Bergamo Orio al Serio international airport is located about km 50 from Brescia. One of Ryanair’s European hubs, it connects Italy to the main European cities with low-cost flights.

  • Airport IATA code: BGY
  • Address: Via Orio al Serio 49/51, 24050 Grassobbio (Bergamo), Italy
  • tel. +39 035 326323

2° Milan airport, close to Brescia. European flights and low cost airlines land here every day.

To / From Bergamo Airport

You can reach the city of Brescia from Bergamo Orio al Serio airport with Autostradale bus service (, tel. +39 035 322915 / +39 02 30089000, € 12 one way, first ride 5:10am, last ride 10:30pm, duration about 60 min) which arrives to  SIA bus station in Brescia (Via Solferino 6, platform no. 24).

Alternatively, you can take the ATB – Azienda Trasporti Bergamo shuttle (, tel. + 39 035 236026, € 2.30 one way, first ride 5am, last ride 00:30am, duration 17 min) to Bergamo train station  (Piazza Marconi, 7, 24122 Bergamo, tel. +39 035 247950), then reach Brescia’s train station with  Trenord local train service (info and timetable:, € 4.80 one way, first train at 5:50am, last train at 11pm, duration 60 min).

Valerio Catullo international airport in Verona Villafranca is located about 60 km from Brescia. It connects Verona to Italian cities such as Rome, Naples, and Palermo and to international destinations such as Amsterdam, Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Munich, Moscow, and St. Petersburg.

  • Airport IATA code: VRN
  • Address: 37066, Caselle di Sommacampagna (Verona), Italia
  • tel. +39 045 8095666

From / To Verona Airport

You can reach Brescia from Verona airport with the Aerobus service offered by  ATV – Azienda Trasporti Verona (, tel. +39 045 8057922) which takes you to Verona Porta Nuova train station  (€ 6 one way, first ride 5:15am, last ride 10:50pm, duration 15 min).

The station is connected to Brescia’s train station through both regional and high-speed trains (, with fares starting from € 7.05 and duration between 35 and 53 min).

By train


in a strategic position along the Milan-Venice railway.

It is served by both regional and high-speed trains.

Trains from / to Milan Centrale:
regional train (1 h 7 min, departures approximately every hour)
high-speed train ( 36 min, departures every half hour);

Trains from / to Verona Porta Nuova
regional train (43 min, departures approximately every hour)
high-speed train (35 min, departures every half hour);

Trains from / to Rome Termini:
Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, and Italo high-speed trains (about 3.5 hours, departures every half hour);

For train timetable and fares, visit (regional and Freccia high-speed trains) and (Italo high-speed trains).

By bus

Brescia and the main tourist attractions in its province can be reached by bus from Italy and Europe.

Brescia’s bus station is near the train station (Via Solferino 6).

How to get to Brescia by bus from Europe

Getting around the province by bus

Brescia is connected to its province and its most important tourist attractions through an effective network of regional buses. These are the main bus companies operating in the area:

  • SAIA / SIA: buses from / to Camonica Valley, Trompia Valley, Sabbia Valley, Lake Garda, Cremona, and Brescia’s plain in the south;
  • APAM: buses from / to Mantua via Montichiari;
  • FNMA: buses from / to Franciacorta, Lake Iseo, and Camonica Valley.

For info and timetable, visit, tel. +39 030 2889911, toll-free number 840620001.

By car

Brescia can be reached through motorways A4 Milan-Venice (E64), A35 Brescia – Bergamo – Milan, and A21 Turin – Piacenza – Cremona – Brescia (E70).

It is therefore in a strategic position at the heart of the main national intersections and European corridors which connect eastern and western Europe and northern and southern Italy.

Brescia can be accessed through the following motorway tolls:

  • A4: Brescia Ovest, Brescia Centro, Brescia Est;
  • A21: Brescia Sud, Brescia Centro;
  • A35: Castegnato toll. Continue following directions to the city along the Brebemi A35 connecting road.

Getting to Brescia by car from the main Italian cities

  • By car from Florence, Rome, and southern Italy: follow motorway A1 until Modena, take A22 towards Brennero, then A4 towards Brescia – Milan;
  • By car from Turin: follow A4 towards Milan – Brescia – Venice;
  • By car from Verona and Venice: follow A4 towards Brescia – Milan – Turin;
  • By car from Genoa and Liguria: follow A7 until Tortona, then continue along A21 until the end.

Getting to Brescia by car from the main airports

  • From Bergamo Orio al Serio airport: follow A4 towards Brescia (about 50 km);
  • From Verona airport: follow A4 towards Brescia – Milan (about 60 km);
  • From Milan Linate airport: follow A35 towards Brescia (about 85 km);
  • From Milan Malpensa airport: follow A8 towards Milan, then A4 towards Brescia – Verona (about 140 km).