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Brescia, the “Lioness of Italy”

The poet Carducci called Brescia the ‘lioness of Italy’ for the courage shown against the Austrians in 1849.

Brescia is a city that has many things to offer.

From archaeological sites and UNESCO heritage sites to food and wine based on typical local products, visiting Brescia means living an authentic travel experience and visiting a city rich in culture, history and art that is increasingly in the international tourist spotlight.

A city full of history

Brescia is a splendid province of Italian art and culture, in which the stratifications of history have left deep marks. The area is home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: ‘The Lombards in Italy. Places of power (568-774 A.D.)’ in Brescia, the ‘Pile-dwelling sites of the Alpine arc’ on Lake Garda and the ‘Rock engravings’ in Valle Camonica, the first UNESCO site in Italy.

Not only that. The Brescia area is characterised by unique treasures, such as the ‘Vittoriale degli Italiani’, the fascinating house-museum of Gabriele D’Annunzio, and the two city domes of Brescia, an exception in the whole of central-northern Italy. Every year, cultural events enliven this city of art and its province in which there is no lack of palaces, castles and mysterious legends.

The city’s long history has left numerous testimonies in Roman ruins, medieval palaces, Gothic churches and numerous Renaissance works preserved in the city’s churches and museums.