Brescia Castle
and its museums


ADDRESS – Via del Castello, 9 – 25121 Brescia

WHEN – from 24th to 29th September 2024

OPENING HOURS – 10.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.

STORE CONTACTS – +39 030 817 4200 – 030 817 4400

The Castle

Perched at the top of the Cidneo Hill, the Castle is one of the most fascinating fortified complexes in Europe, still bearing the traces of the various dominations of the past.

The Mastio, the fortified keep on the top of the hill, with its mighty Torre dei Prigionieri (Tower of the Prisoners), the drawbridge and the Mirabella Tower, the last trace of the church of Santo Stefano in Arce overlooking the town, bear witness to the communal period and the Visconti domination. The imposing bastions, with their monumental gate, are testaments to the power of the Republic of Venice – La Serenissima – that ruled the city for about four centuries.

Within its walls, the Castle also houses two museums: the Luigi Marzoli Arms and Armor Museum and the Museum of the Risorgimento Lioness of Italy.

Museum of the Risorgimento Lioness of Italy

The result of long historiographical and design work, this new exhibition recounts the Risorgimento as a phenomenon of European relevance and of pressing topicality. A rich collection, including digital, accompanies and integrates a storytelling that reaches up to the present day, involving the visitor in the events that saw Brescia at the centre of the long Risorgimento, making it famous throughout the world as the Lioness of Italy.

Luigi Marzoli” Arms and Armor Museum

The “Luigi Marzoli” Arms and Armor Museum houses one of the finest European antique armour and weapons collections, testifying to Brescia’s longstanding weaponry tradition, documenting the technological and artistic evolution between the 15th and 18th centuries.


Access to the castle is always free during opening hours.

The ticket for both museums inside the castle has a special price of 8 € instead of 12 € for WRO OPEN participants only.

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