Farmacia Schiavo

CiboCI Farmacia Schiavo


ADDRESS – Schiavo Pharmacy Trieste 11, Brescia, Italy

WHEN – 26th September 2024

OPENING HOURS – from 9.00 am to 19.30 pm

STORE CONTACTS – +39 030 377 4272

The Integration of the Future. Already here!

Our health begins with what we eat. That’s why the integration of the future will be a true food.

A future that is already here: it’s called CiboCi, and it’s Made in Brescia!

We are pleased to invite you to discover this vital new-generation food: healthy, natural, and rich in fiber. CiboCi has a high antioxidant power and is a food with a high satiety index; a great ally in a low-calorie diet and regulator of the intestinal microbiota. In short, CiboCi is a boost of physical and mental well-being that nourishes and protects!


We look forward to welcoming you to the presentation and tasting of CiboCi at Farmacia Schiavo: every 40 minutes, there will be a showcooking demonstration to showcase its use as a food capable of enriching our daily eating habits.

You will also taste this remarkable product paired with two vegan sauces specially created by chef Pietro Leemann, the chef of the first European vegetarian restaurant awarded a Michelin star. Chef Leemann himself collaborated in the creation of CiboCi!

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CiboCI Farmacia Schiavo
CiboCI Farmacia Schiavo
CiboCI Farmacia Schiavo
CiboCI Farmacia Schiavo